Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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Chinese Automaker Geely May Buy Half of Smart

smart Forease Concept
Mercedes-Benz may end up selling part of Smart to Geely. Chinese automaker Geely is apparently interested in buying distressed Smart brand from Mercedes-Benz. Smart hasn't exactly been a cash cow for Mercedes-Benz and Daimler. According to research firm Evercore ISI, the German automaker apparently loses a...

Polestar: Volvo’s Electric Brand with a plan

Polestar EV
Some of my favorite car stories from the last 10-11 years involve Volvo wagons and Polestar. One such adventure had me drive to the New York Auto Show by my lonesome in a brown XC70 T6 that was Polestar optimized. Onlookers on the I87...

Geely buys into Mercedes-Benz

Hangzhou-based Geely, from the Zhejiang Province in east China, has purchased a 10% stake in Daimler AG, or Mercedes-Benz. Geely already owns both Volvo and Lotus and have so far done much good for the Swedish luxury brand. How much is a 10% stake in...