Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Honda Trademarks “Trailsport” To Participate In The Off-Road Games

2019 Honda Passport
The trademark application was filed on June 18th. There are no details on what vehicle it might be affixed to. Rugged-looking and nearly off-road capable is one of the many crazes in the SUV segments at the moment. Not to be left out, Honda...

10 Cheapest SUVs On Sale in Canada in 2020

2020 Hyundai Venue
These are the most affordable SUV options on the market right now. Consumers are increasingly turning towards sport utility vehicles and the following models are the 10 cheapest SUVs offered in Canada. Of course, the popularity of sport utility vehicles isn't new and it doesn't...

Honda joins GAC to produce an electric HR-V … in China!

Honda Everus VE-1
To accelerate the electrification of its fleet in the largest car market in the world, Honda has decided to join forces with its Chinese partner, GAC, for the upcoming commercialization of a fully electric HR-V. Called Honda Everus VE-1, this rechargeable HR-V is currently only...

2019 Honda SUV lineup at a glance

2019 Honda CR-V
Honda has a fairly modern SUV lineup with the CR-V being the most recent model to be redesigned. The new-generation CR-V entered the market two years ago and is by far the best-selling model in the lineup as well as one of the most...