Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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2019 Honda Insight: A Better Civic?

After spending a week with a 2019 Honda Insight, and returning it, I’ve come to understand that it is the hidden gem in Honda’s compact car line-up. I loved it! The Honda Civic is the best-selling car in Canada and will, without a doubt, continue...

We may never make fun of a 1st gen Honda Insight again.

Well, we make no promises but if we ever come across a grey “SPINBYU” Florida-plated 2000 Honda Insight, we might lift off the throttle to avoid humiliation, no matter what we’re driving. The $7,000 build, including the purchase price of the car, is bonkers. The...

Honda Insight Prototype unveiled at the North American International Auto Show

Honda Insight
Honda is clearly seeing green. After the launch of the Clarity last year, the Japanese manufacturer is now bringing back the Insight nameplate, and positioning it just above the popular Civic. This “compact premium hybrid” will feature seating for five passengers, a version of...