Monday, October 18, 2021
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Lexus F Vehicles To Get Massive 660Hp Boost Later This Year

2021 Lexus IS
The 2022 IS F, LS F, and LC F are on the way. Rumour has it they will be powered by a twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8. November of this year is stated as the due date. Things, big power things, are in the works at...

Lexus 2021 Lineup: Models And Changes Overview

Thoroughly redesigned Lexus IS, all-new Lexus LC Convertible for 2021. More standard active safety features on several models in the lineup. Black Line Special Edition trim added to select Lexus models. There 2020 calendar year has been difficult for all manufacturers, but luxury brand...

Lexus Pulls The Plug On Three Models In Europe

2021 Lexus IS
None are SUVs. Lexus is still doing well in Europe otherwise. The flagship LS is safe. Like many brands, dwindling or practically non-existent car sales, compared to SUVs sales, have convinced Lexus to kick three models to the curb for the market. While these...

Lexus to exhibit new LS and unveil new concept car at Tokyo Auto Show 2017

2018 Lexus LS
With the 2017 Tokyo Auto Show starting to take shape, manufacturers have began to give us a glimpse as to what will be on display in the coming weeks. Press Release Lexus plans to exhibit its all-new LS flagship sedan among 11 production models at the...