Thursday, September 29, 2022
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The Lotus Eletre will Weigh 4,400 lbs and will be Available with 900 Horsepower

Lotus Eletre | Photo: Lotus
The first SUV from Lotus will be its heaviest vehicle ever, but it will be lighter than its competition A tri-motor version with 900 horsepower will be available later This version should be quicker than the Tesla Model X Plaid Lotus has always kept...

The Lotus Electric SUV is Called Eletre

Lotus Eletre | Photo: Lotus
It was an open secret that Lotus was working on its very first sport utility vehicle. Now it's a done deal, as the British manufacturer has just unveiled the Eletre (pronounced Eletra) in a grand premiere in London, UK. Lotus, which has accustomed us...

Lotus to Reveal Eletre Electric SUV Tomorrow

The Eletre will be a high-performance SUV. Here’s another electric SUV that has to potential to change everything for the automaker. The official reveal is on March 29th happening in London. Nearly all established luxury automakers have one of these. Small or compact premium...