Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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Fisker and Magna To Collaborate On New Autonomous “FI Pilot” Technology

FI (Fisker Intelligent) Pilot will be introduced with the Ocean SUV in Q4 of 2022. FI Pilot will be upgradable with higher levels of autonomy and advanced driver assistance features through future updates. Despite various autonomous technology setbacks in the industry, self-driving features continue...

LG And Magna International Join Forces To Develop An EV Powertrain

The LG Magna e-Powertrain should launch in July of 2021. LG launched its VS (Vehicle component solutions) project in 2013. It is this asset that will form the joint venture with Magna. The race to get EVs into world markets is forging new companies...

Magna Awarded Dual-Clutch Transmissions Contract by BMW Group

Magna BMW Dual-Clutch Transmission
BMW Group chose Magna to build dual-clutch transmissions which becomes the largest contract for transmission technologies in Magna’s history. BMW Group just awarded Magna a multi-year contract for transmission technologies. The contract includes all front-wheel drive dual-clutch transmissions, including hybrid transmission variants and will be...