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Americade 2020 Officially Cancelled, Will Return In 2021

Americade 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the cancellation of Americade 2020 in Lake George, New York Americade 2020 organizers officially announced the cancellation of the motorcycle event this week, promising to return in 2021. Held in Lake George, New York since 1983, Americade attracted over 50,000...

Bosch Help Connect Sends Emergency SOS After Motorcycle Crash

Bosch Help Connect
Bosch wants to help send immediate help to motorcycle accident victims Help Connect described as digital guardian angel Bosch is hoping to revolutionize motorcycle safety by introducing the first emergency response system designed for bikes. Called Help Connect, the system acts like classic ERS systems...

10 Cheap Motorcycles To Consider in 2020

Cheap motorcycles
These 10 motorcycles are affordable, stylish and fun. All ten of these bikes cost less than $7,500, freight and delivery charges excluded. This is it. This is the summer we’ve decided to drop a hard-earned lump of cash on a motorcycle, and we want...

5 Awesome Motorcycles From Someone Who Knows Nothing About Motorcycles

5 Awesome Motorcycles From Someone Who Knows Nothing About Motorcycles
I’m not allowed to ride a motorcycle. My mom who is a neuropsychologist (that means she studies the brain) forbade me from ever getting on a motorcycle for as long as she lived. Being that I like things that go fast, it’s probably for the...