Friday, May 20, 2022
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The Number of Fatalities on US Roads in 2021 has been the Highest in 16 Years

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Many drivers went back to work in 2021 after close to a year off the roads Last year saw fatalities surge by 10.5% on American roads Even in 2019, reckless driving behaviors were on the uprise The NHTSA released its data on the number...

NHTSA to Increase Fines for Automakers Whose Vehicles do not Meet Fuel Efficiency Requirements

Many automakers will face penalties in the hundreds of millions of dollars. The fines have nearly tripled from model years 2018 to 2019. And they’ll go up again for 2022. The math behind the fines is simple enough. Up until the 2018 model year,...

NHTSA is Holding a Period of Public Comment on its Proposed Changes to 5-Star Ratings

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The NHTSA proposed to make it more difficult for cars to obtain a 5-star rating Cars will need to be equipped with four driver assistance systems to qualify for the top score The public is invited to comment on the proposed changes during...

NHTSA Wants Tesla to Explain Why Vehicles Were Not Recalled

2021 Tesla Model Y SR 14
The recall would have involved Tesla’s Full Self Driving technology. A recent over-the-update for Autopilot was not accompanied by a formal recall. If Tesla does not respond to the NHTSA, they face civil penalties of up to $115 million. The issue here is not...

NHTSA Will Allow Digital Vehicle Transfers in the US

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It is no longer required to disclose odometer readings on paper when transferring a vehicle. The NHTSA has listened to the public and will allow digital odometer disclosure when selling a vehicle. It used to be that sellers had to disclose the odometer reading on...