Friday, September 25, 2020
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Nikola Chair Steps Down Amid Controversy

Just days after GM partnership, short-seller report shocked investors Founder Milton to step down to keep focus on cars, not him It didn't take long after General Motors' announcement that it would be partnering with upstart EV builder Nikola for the critics to start...

GM And Nikola Form A Partnership

GM will earn potential billions in benefits over the next few years. Nikola will in turn save billions is battery development. GM will build the Nikola Badger. Nikola has teased its Badger hydrogen fuel-cell and electric pickup for a while. Many wondered how the...

The Nikola Badger Electrified Pickup Truck Will Quench Your Thirst

Two versions of the Badge will be offered: 100% electric, and hydrogen fuel cell. Yes, another electric pickup – this is like going to the races. The Badger will “make” water, and Nikola’s thought it through. Last week, the Lordstown Endurance and Rivian made...