Saturday, December 9, 2023
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Canadian Racetracks to Host Nissan Sentra Cup for an Additional Two Years

Nissan Sentra Cup race 2 start at the 2023 GP3R
Nissan Sentra Cup extended for 2024-2025 seasons, announced at Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières. Steve Milette and Jacques Deshaies emphasize series success and growing Canadian motorsport enthusiasm. 2023 GP3R event concludes season's first half; 30 drivers participated in rounds 5 and 6. In an announcement...

Nissan’s Inaugural Grand Prix: A Triumph at Mirabel’s Complexe ICAR

Simon Charbonneau dominated the first Nissan Grand Prix at Mirabel's Complexe ICAR, exciting thousands. Nissan's event fused fan engagement, test drives, and thrilling races, fostering brand-customer connection. In an exhilarating showcase of motoring prowess, the first Nissan Grand Prix unfolded at Mirabel's Complexe ICAR...

Valérie Limoges Makes History in the Nissan Sentra Cup

For the first time in Canadian racing history, a female driver has clinched a class title in Canadian road racing. When Quebec’s Valérie Limoges and her Nissan Sentra car #220 crossed the finish line in third at Circuit Mont-Tremblant in the final 40-minute race of...