Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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Norway : The Last Gasoline Car Sold in Early 2022 ?

Electric vehicles charging in Norway
Norway could sell its last gasoline-powered vehicle in April 2022, three years before the date set by the Scandinavian country's government. That's according to a recent report released this week by the Norwegian Automobile Federation (NAF). The report is based on recent vehicle sales data...

Toyota and Hyundai halts delivery of hydrogen cars in Norway

2019 Toyota Mirai
A massive explosion of a hydrogen station in Norway on Monday pushed Toyota and Hyundai to halt the deliveries of their hydrogen cars. On Monday, June 10th, a powerful explosion happened at the Uno-X station hydrogen refuelling station near Oslo in Norway. The incident occurred...

Tesla struggling with quality problems … in Norway!

2019 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range
Tesla faces a number of quality issues and complaints in Norway, particularly in terms of customer service, delivery times and product delivered. The very rapid growth of manufacturers can sometimes have repercussions on the quality of manufacture. This seems to be happening with Tesla in...