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Here are the 10 Collector Cars That will go Up in Value Next Year, According to Haggerty

This list is compiled by looking at trends among the key buying demographics and the latest value increases Vehicles range from the Ferrari Dino to the Suzuki Samurai The arrival of millennial and post millennial buyers is operating a shift in the collector...

Convertible Firebird Trans Am For Sale Was Apparently A Thing

1981 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am convertible
This rare convertible Firebird Trans Am barn find is in terrible shape, but could turn into a very rare classic There's a convertible Pontiac Firebird Trans Am for sale in Long Beach, California. We came across this Craigslist add this morning showing a 1981  Trans...

If The Pontiac G8 Was Ever To Return, This Is What It Could Look Like

Pontiac G8 Rendering
Pontiac G8 originally sold in 2008 and 2009 Original car had up to 402 horsepower New Pontiac G8 rendering more of an update than a redesign Every now and then comes along a car in your news feed that you had completely forgotten about,...

Florida Trans Am : Vision Turned Hobby Turned Career

Every dream begins with some kind of vision, or memory. For Rick Deiters, an experience sparked a life-long passion for cars that has served him incredibly well. His story would make good plot for a movie about our collective love affair with the automobile. The...