Monday, March 4, 2024
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Uber will Bring Car Sharing to North America

The company is already running a car-sharing business in Australia. This service will be available in Toronto and Boston first. Uber says car-sharing will help reduce greenhouse emissions. Uber announced it will soon bring its car-sharing service to North America after having offered it...

Cruise Origin: GM and Honda’s Vision of a Self-Driving and Ride-Sharing Future

Cruise Origin
Cruise Origin is engineered to last more than a million miles No driver, no pedals, no rearview mirrors, with seating for up to six passengers Cruise has yet to announce when the Origin will go into production As is the case with several other...

CES 2020 : Uber And Hyundai Partner Up For Arial Ride Sharing

Hyundai will produce and deploy these new Air Taxis. Through Uber’s Elevate Network initiative, they will provide airspace support services. Launch date is “in the coming years” according to Uber. The dream of accessible air mobility is an old one. For decades, every transportation-related...