Tuesday, December 1, 2020
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Rimac To Crash-Test 11 C_Two Units To Prove It’s Safe

At about $2 million a copy, crash-testing is expensive… Production begins in 2021. To say that watching the video is cringe-inducing would be an exaggerated statement as the two Rimac C_Two cars we see get crashed only barely look like the C_Two we saw...

Rimac Answers The Question: But Will It Drift?

The Rimac C_Two will be a 1,914 horsepower electric super-hypercar If any of you wondered if the C_Two could drift, Rimac answers the question. The 56-second video is exhibit A. All Mate Rimac, the founder of Croatian-born Rimac Automobili, had to say was: “Show...

Rimac C_Two Images Gallery and Spec from Geneva Motor Show 2019

Rimac C_Two Geneva Motor Show Images
Rimac not only had the most powerful car at at this year's Geneva Motor Show with its new C_Two, it also supplied components to other electric hyper cars. The two most powerful cars at Geneva Motor Show 2019 were electric. Both had close to or...

Rimac C_Two: it has 1,915 horsepower and it’s electric

Rimac C_Two electric supercar
There were a lot of fast cars at this year’s Geneva International Auto Show. There was the Bugatti Chiron Sport, the new Huracan Performante Spyder, the 488 Pista, the Mission E Cross Turismo, and there was this thing, the Rimac C_Two. Aside from the...