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Rimac C_Two Takes On The Porsche Taycan

Two of the fastest EVs take it to the drag strip. As Rimac says, straight-line speed is not everything but… We’ll find out the C_Two’s real production name soon. Rimac Automobili has been working on bringing their C_Two super-hypercar to market for a few...

Rimac C_Two Goes Under the Magnet: Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing

EM interference tests crucial for modern vehicles After testing comes refinement and more testing Worried that your car will cause problems with traffic lights or stop working when you drive under powerlines? Of course not, and it's because automakers undergo extensive testing to make...

Rimac To Crash-Test 11 C_Two Units To Prove It’s Safe

At about $2 million a copy, crash-testing is expensive… Production begins in 2021. To say that watching the video is cringe-inducing would be an exaggerated statement as the two Rimac C_Two cars we see get crashed only barely look like the C_Two we saw...

Rimac Answers The Question: But Will It Drift?

The Rimac C_Two will be a 1,914 horsepower electric super-hypercar If any of you wondered if the C_Two could drift, Rimac answers the question. The 56-second video is exhibit A. All Mate Rimac, the founder of Croatian-born Rimac Automobili, had to say was: “Show...

Rimac C_Two Images Gallery and Spec from Geneva Motor Show 2019

Rimac C_Two Geneva Motor Show Images
Rimac not only had the most powerful car at at this year's Geneva Motor Show with its new C_Two, it also supplied components to other electric hyper cars. The two most powerful cars at Geneva Motor Show 2019 were electric. Both had close to or...

Rimac C_Two: it has 1,915 horsepower and it’s electric

Rimac C_Two electric supercar
There were a lot of fast cars at this year’s Geneva International Auto Show. There was the Bugatti Chiron Sport, the new Huracan Performante Spyder, the 488 Pista, the Mission E Cross Turismo, and there was this thing, the Rimac C_Two. Aside from the...