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Three More Rivian Models To Come By 2024

Rivian R1S
By 2025, Rivian will build 250,000 vehicles per year. Rivian’s projections: 20,000 units  in 2021 and 40,000 in 2022. One of the three new products will be smaller and far more affordable. The contrast between Rivian’s founder, Robert Joseph Scaringe, and Tesla’s founder and...

Rivian Says Its Electric Trucks Will Be More Affordable Than Announced.

Rivian truck R1T side
Rivian shared last year that the R1T would start around $69,000 US with a 300-mile range. An equally-spec’d R1S SUV is $3,000 more. Deliveries of the R1T pickup will begin at the end of 2020. Nearly all eyes are on Rivian and the extremely...

Rivian Introduces The Tank Turn

Rivian’s Tank Turn is the Twirl-a-Whirl of car tricks. The fully electric Rivian R1T pickup  and R1S SUV are still nearly a year away. The real trick will be performing the Tank Turn on pavement… However useless this trick twirl-a-whirl may seem, it does...

Suddenly, We Want To Go Camping: Rivian R1T Camper Option

Rivian will be looked upon as initiating the race for the electric pickup. In the meantime, the Rivian R1T goes camping The now very famous electric vehicle start-up company, Rivian, continues to make waves. Both the Rivian R1T pickup and R1S SUV are hotly anticipated...

Rivian Isn’t Concerned About Tesla

Rivian R1T
Much has been written about Rivian since they revealed their EV truck and SUV in the course of last year’s Los Angeles Auto Show. In an interview with, the inevitable comparison to Tesla is discussed. There is lots of hype surrounding the electric car...

Long-Range Rivian R1T And R1S Will Start under $90,000

Rivian R1S
Rivian CEO R.J. Scaringe, in an interview with Green Tech Media, discusses strategy, technology and hints at R1T and R1S pricing. Rivian has gained an enormous amount of steam thanks to a $700 million investment from Amazon in the last few weeks. With it and other...

Amazon Bets $700 Million on the Rivian Truck

Rivian R1T
Amazon Inc. is betting big on Rivian Automotive and their fully electric truck. The electric Rivian truck moved one step closer to becoming a reality thanks to a massive $700 million investment from Amazon Inc. Detroit-based Rivian Automotive announced the investment this morning. Reports surfaced last...

LA Auto Show 2018: The Rivian R1S – The Future Of Electric Adventure Vehicles

Rivian R1S 3-row all-electric SUV
Rivian, from Normal, IL. is looking to revolutionize the true utility vehicle, or what it calls the Adventure Vehicle. And if we’re to consider the technology and specs that underpin both the R1S SUV and the R1T pickup, we may become believers. The R1S is...