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SSC Finally Acknowledges Last Year’s 300mph Effort Was a Failure

Initial reports said car hit 331 mph, immediately called into question SSC previously acknowledged controversy, but stood by speeds Supercar builder and top speed record attempters SSC North America set what it called a production car top speed record in the Nevada desert late...

SSC Once Again Sets Production Car Top Speed Record

Third attempt after first marred with controversy On a much shorter circuit, SSC still tops 450 km/h After giving up on dealing with the controversy blamed on a video editing mistake, then having its second attempt thwarted by an overheating issue, SSC North America...

First Production SSC Tuatara Debuts at the Philadelphia Auto Show

2020 SSC Tuatara
The first production version of the SSC Tuatara makes its debut; The Philadelphia Auto Show will host this premiere; The SSC Tuatara's custom engine can develop up to 1,750 horsepower. After more than 10 years of design, engineering, and development, the first production version...