Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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The History of Suzuki in Canada

In the mid-80s, Japanese manufacturer Suzuki arrived in Canada with a heart full of hope. At that time, the automotive market was booming in North America. Of course, there were the three big American banners (four, if you count AMC, which would pass to...

10 Cheap Motorcycles To Consider in 2020

Cheap motorcycles
These 10 motorcycles are affordable, stylish and fun. All ten of these bikes cost less than $7,500, freight and delivery charges excluded. This is it. This is the summer we’ve decided to drop a hard-earned lump of cash on a motorcycle, and we want...

Suzuki Celebrates its 100th Anniversary

Suzuki is third largest automaker in Japan The business was established as the Suzuki Loom Manufacturing Company on March 15, 1920. Still sells motorcycles and recreational vehicles in Canada and the United States, but no more cars since 2012/2013. Suzuki may no longer sell...

Suzuki Jimny Won’t Be Sold In Europe Anymore In Order To Meet New CO2 Emission Regulations

Suzuki Jimny Europe
Jimny apparently cut from Suzuki's European lineup in bid to meet CO2 emission regulations New Suzuki Jimny built for commercial use to return in Europe in 2021 Europe's new emission regulations set to take effect in 2021 have claimed a new victim, the ultra-cool...

Suzuki Waku Spo is a Retro Hybrid Planned for Tokyo Motor Show

Suzuki Waku Spo
North Americans may have forgotten about Suzuki, but the Japanese automaker is still very present in the auto industry elsewhere. At this year's Tokyo Motor Show, Suzuki will be bringing a couple of concepts including the very pretty Suzuki Waku Spo. Its retro design and...

This is the Suzuki Jimny Black Bison Edition And We Want It

Suzuki Jimny Black Bison Wald
The Suzuki Jimny Black Bison Edition will keep the spotlight squarely on Suzuki's rugged entry-level off-road SUV that North American buyers are denied. If hardcore off-road 4x4s were a family with three kids, the Mercedes-Benz G-Class would be big brother and the Jeep Wrangler would...