Friday, January 24, 2020
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Free Tesla Supercharging is Back

Tesla V3 Supercharging
Tesla brings back unlimited free supercharging for the Tesla Model X and Tesla Model S. Tesla announced via its Twitter account on August 3 that free unlimited supercharging was back for its new Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X, but not for the Tesla...

Truckla: Youtuber presents her Tesla pickup truck

A Youtuber tired of waiting for the Tesla pickup truck made her own, the Truckla. Popular Youtuber Simone Giertz posted a video today of her new Tesla pickup truck. The thing is that it’s not an official Tesla truck but her own creation. The Youtube video...

Long-Range RWD Tesla Model 3 Is No More

2019 Tesla Model 3
Believed to be a result of a desire to simplify production and boost profits, the long-range RWD Tesla Model 3 will no longer be available. If you live in a busy urban area and pay attention to cars, you’ll more than likely have noticed that...

Tesla Model 3 Incentive, Volkswagen Golf, C8 Chevy Corvette Unveil: News Recap

2019 Tesla Model 3 Performance
A recap of the week's car news including an affordable Model 3, a place for the C8 Corvette unveiling and an uncertain future for the VW Golf. The week's news was centered around electric vehicles with the Government of Canada iZEV incentive program effective on...

List of Electric Vehicles Available in Canada in 2019

2019 Jaguar I-Pace
These are the 15 electric vehicles currently available in Canada in 2019. Electric vehicles are slowly creeping into the minds of consumers who are in the process of buying their next car or about to enter the process. With new federal government EV incentives taking...

Cheaper Tesla Model 3 Will Qualify For $5,000 Canada EV Incentive

2019 Tesla Model 3
More affordable Tesla Model 3 will qualify for $5,000 federal EV rebate from Canada. Well that didn't take long. Tesla announced today a cheaper version of its Model 3 EV that will qualify for the $5,000 federal electric vehicle rebate from the Government of Canada....

The Most Affordable Tesla Model 3 Costs $53,700 Online

2019 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range
How much does a Tesla Model 3 actually cost? It might be more than you think. Tesla has developed a very smart, very confusing pricing strategy, especially for its Tesla Model 3. The car has been flaunted as an affordable electric car with a sub-$40k...

The Best Electric Cars For First-Time EV Owners

Nissan LEAF
We see it by what people are searching for online, searching for here on MI and what our relatives ask us about at Christmas. Electric vehicles are getting a lot of attention. What are the best electric cars and which one should I buy?  Our...

Jaguar J-Pace, Tesla Model Y Price, Canoo: Monday News Recap

New Jaguar J-Pace SUV
Here is quick recap of the news we missed yesterday in the automotive industry. New Jaguar J-Pace Will Top Jaguar's SUV Lineup Jaguar is currently working on its third SUV. The new Jaguar J-Pace will top of British manufacturer's luxury SUV lineup ahead of the current...

Tesla Model 3 Update Boosts Power Remotely

2019 Tesla Model 3
Tesla knows what everyone wants and that more power and performance. At the moment, all Model 3 cars are receiving an update – yours might be in today. This now seems like a game to us. At every turn, every week, almost every day, Musk...