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Tesla Model Y vs Tesla Model 3 Spec Comparison

Tesla Model Y vs. Tesla Model 3
Now that we have nearly all the information on Elon’s hot new Model Y SUV, let’s compare to its non-identical twin, the Model 3 sedan. Tesla’s not been koi about the fact that the new Model Y SUV is a lifted and bloated Model 3...

Affordable Tesla Model 3, Online Sales Highlight Tesla News This Week

Base Tesla Model 3
We finally figured out what Elon Musk meant when he said "some Tesla news" was coming on Thursday. It was a new, more affordable Tesla Model 3 which highlights Tesla's week in the news. The automaker also announced it was shifting its sales model from...

Consumer Reports Downgrades Tesla Model 3 Recommendation

Tesla Model 3
Based on a number of complaints from members and owners of Tesla’s Model 3, Consumer Reports will no longer recommend the car. With the amount of coverage the Tesla Model 3 has received over the last two years or so, we doubt that this negative...

Porsche And Audi Reverse-Engineer A Tesla Model 3 And Re-evaluate Plans

Tesla Model 3 range
We the media love to give Tesla a hard-time about production delays and build quality but according to Porsche and Audi’s findings, they’re ahead of the curve. This is praise indeed. We keep saying that Musk and Tesla must be very worried about Porsche and...

Tesla Model 3 Has A Trunk Problem

Tesla Model 3 trunk water
There's a problem with the latest Tesla's trunk. The design flaw in the Model 3 that could leave all of your belongings wet. Tesla Model 3 owner Bjørn Nyland demonstrated in his video below, there's no drainage system at the top of the trunk opening to...

Tesla Model 3 Leads Tesla To Record Deliveries in Q4

Tesla sales 2018
Tesla set a new delivery record in the last three months of 2018 with 90,700 vehicles delivered to their new owners. At the same time, the California automaker produced 86,555 vehicles in the last quarter, an 8% gain compared to the previous quarter. Not surprisingly, the...

Tesla Model 3 Continues To Lead EV Sales

Tesla Model 3
What’s remarkable, other than the car itself, is how strong the interest continues to be for Tesla’s not-really-affordable affordable electric car. Despite an average transaction price well over $60,000, the Model 3 is crushing all would-be competitors including the far more attainable Nissan LEAF,...

2018 Tesla Model 3 : Our Latest Coverage

For nearly three years, all manners of automotive and tech media has covered The Adventures of Tesla. The driving force behind the madness has been the Model 3 – the promised affordable 100% electric car for the mases. We’ve done our fair share of coverage...

Lower-Cost Mid-Range Tesla Model 3 Now Available

2018 Tesla Model 3 Multi Coat Red
The illustrious Elon Musk has just announced that the Tesla Model 3 is now available at a lower starting price point. If you mosey on over to for the US or Canada and build a new Model 3, you’ll note that the indicated base...

2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance First Review

Tesla Model 3
Spending the better part of a day with Tesla nuts is quite an experience. I had no choice in the matter as if I wanted some coveted wheel time in a brand new Tesla Model 3, I had to adorn my Tesla-nut hat. To...