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2019 Jaguar I-PACE vs Tesla Model Y Spec Comparison

Tesla Model Y vs. Jaguar I-PACE
Much will be written on the newly displayed Tesla Model Y. Much has already been written on the Jaguar I-PACE and it’s received lots of love and attention. Will the Tesla Model Y take it all away? The Jaguar I-PACE is living the high-life at...

Tesla Model Y vs Tesla Model 3 Spec Comparison

Tesla Model Y vs. Tesla Model 3
Now that we have nearly all the information on Elon’s hot new Model Y SUV, let’s compare to its non-identical twin, the Model 3 sedan. Tesla’s not been koi about the fact that the new Model Y SUV is a lifted and bloated Model 3...

Tesla Model Y vs Tesla Model X Spec Comparison

Tesla Model X vs Tesla Model Y
The Tesla Model Y has arrived and we thought we would compare it to its big brother, the Tesla Model X. The Tesla Model Y is slated to arrive at the end of 2020. When it does, it will be the most affordable sport utility...

Tesla Model Y Canadian Pricing Info, Will Start at $64,000

New Tesla Model Y
There will be three versions of the Tesla Model Y when it arrives on the market in late 2020. UPDATE: Tesla increased the price of the Tesla Model Y by $1,000 on every version on March 25th. The starting price is now $65,000. The Tesla Model...

Elon Musk Unveils New Tesla Model Y

New Tesla Model Y
From the looks of it, the Tesla Model Y will be exactly we what we expect and what Musk promised: A raised Model 3 with more interior volume. Elon Musk unveiled his company's latest creation last night in California, taking the wraps off the brand-new...

5 Things We Hope To Learn About The Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y Teaser
As Tesla plans to unveil the new Model Y tonight, we look at what we hope the latest EV will and will not be. To think, Tesla’s only just recently come out of the woods following quasi-disastrous production madness of its anticipated Model 3 sedan...

Tesla Model Y To Be Unveiled March 14th

Tesla Model X
Elon Musk tweeted yesterday afternoon the that the Model Y SUV will break cover for the first time at the L.A. Design Studio on March 14th. The Tesla Model Y is projected to become an even hotter sales item than the “affordable” Model 3 sedan....

Tesla Gearing Up For The Next Round: Model Y

Tesla Model Y Teaser
With the Tesla Model 3 more or less sorted out, the California EV maker is preparing phase next of its evolution with the midsized Model Y crossover. It seems as though we won’t have to wait very long for the Model Y’s official reveal. Musk...

Could A Smaller Audi e-tron Be Coming Soon?

Audi e-tron small SUV
As the premium electric SUV segment begins to heat up, there's already talk of smaller luxury electric sport utility vehicles, namely from Audi. Audi has the e-tron Quattro, but it appears the German automaker isn't done building luxury SUVs with an electric motor. According to AutoNews...