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List of Electric Vehicles Available in Canada in 2019

2019 Jaguar I-Pace
These are the 15 electric vehicles currently available in Canada in 2019. Electric vehicles are slowly creeping into the minds of consumers who are in the process of buying their next car or about to enter the process. With new federal government EV incentives taking...

15 Most Fuel-Efficient Sport Utility Vehicles Sold In Canada

Most fuel-efficient sport utility vehicles in Canada
For those who want an SUV that's both spacious and fuel-efficient, this top 10 is for you. In celebration of Earth Day we take a look at some of the most fuel-efficient sport utility vehicles currently on sale in Canada. Now, we know what you're...

Tesla Model Y, 2019 Honda Passport, BMW 8 Series: Comparo Roundup

Tesla Model Y vs. Tesla Model 3
A look at this weeks comparison tests including the Tesla Model Y, Honda Passport, and BMW 8 Series. The Tesla Model Y was the big news of the week and we went crazy with spec comparisons, putting the Model Y up against its top eventual...

Should You Buy a 2019 Tesla Model X?

Should you buy a Tesla Model X
Before Lambo had the Urus and Rolls had the Cullinan, the most expensive SUV you could buy was the all-electric Tesla Model X. The 2019 Tesla Model X may no longer be the most expensive luxury sport utility vehicle on the market, it's still the...

Tesla Model Y vs Tesla Model X Spec Comparison

Tesla Model X vs Tesla Model Y
The Tesla Model Y has arrived and we thought we would compare it to its big brother, the Tesla Model X. The Tesla Model Y is slated to arrive at the end of 2020. When it does, it will be the most affordable sport utility...