Friday, June 9, 2023
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The Tesla Roadster’s Crazy Steering Wheel To Make Production

Rumours has it that the two-spoke butterfly steering wheel from the Tesla Roadster will make it to production even though it’s not legal in most markets. The Tesla Roadster prototype, which was first seen back in 2017, featured a number of cool tricks including the...

Tesla Pickup Will Kick Butt And Take Numbers, The Ford F-150’s In Particular

Tesla pickup rendering
New Tesla electric pickup won't be out of your price range.

Tesla struggling with quality problems … in Norway!

2019 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range
Tesla faces a number of quality issues and complaints in Norway, particularly in terms of customer service, delivery times and product delivered. The very rapid growth of manufacturers can sometimes have repercussions on the quality of manufacture. This seems to be happening with Tesla in...

First Tesla Model Y Spotted in Public

2020 Tesla Model Y
ChargePoint picked up what is likely the first public sighting of the Tesla Model Y. The entry-level electric Tesla Model Y will very likely become the best-selling Tesla model when it arrives in 2020. Based on the Model 3 and essentially the same car with...

Tesla Model 3 Incentive, Volkswagen Golf, C8 Chevy Corvette Unveil: News Recap

2019 Tesla Model 3 Performance
A recap of the week's car news including an affordable Model 3, a place for the C8 Corvette unveiling and an uncertain future for the VW Golf. The week's news was centered around electric vehicles with the Government of Canada iZEV incentive program effective on...

Cheaper Tesla Model 3 Will Qualify For $5,000 Canada EV Incentive

2019 Tesla Model 3
More affordable Tesla Model 3 will qualify for $5,000 federal EV rebate from Canada. Well that didn't take long. Tesla announced today a cheaper version of its Model 3 EV that will qualify for the $5,000 federal electric vehicle rebate from the Government of Canada....

Tesla Roadster Range to Exceed 1,000 Kilometers

Tesla Roadster Range
New Tesla Roadster to have over 625 miles of range, or more than 1,000 kilometers.  In a tweet published Thursday, Elon Musk confirmed the new Tesla Roadster will have a lot of range. More range than any other electric vehicle by a wide margin, actually....

Tesla Pickup Rendering Proves A Muscular Design Can Work on an EV

Tesla pickup rendering
We don't know much about Tesla's upcoming pickup, but a recent rendering has us dreaming about the possibilities. The Tesla pickup rendering comes from Emre Husmen who is credited with a number of renderings including the next-generation Tesla Model S. Once again, Husmen went with...

15 Most Fuel-Efficient Sport Utility Vehicles Sold In Canada

Most fuel-efficient sport utility vehicles in Canada
For those who want an SUV that's both spacious and fuel-efficient, this top 10 is for you. In celebration of Earth Day we take a look at some of the most fuel-efficient sport utility vehicles currently on sale in Canada. Now, we know what you're...

The Most Affordable Tesla Model 3 Costs $53,700 Online

2019 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range
How much does a Tesla Model 3 actually cost? It might be more than you think. Tesla has developed a very smart, very confusing pricing strategy, especially for its Tesla Model 3. The car has been flaunted as an affordable electric car with a sub-$40k...