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Subaru teases with the Viziv Performance concept

Subaru Viziv Performance Concept
The car in the pictures is what the next compact performance car from Subaru could look like. At a first glance, the Viziv performance concept looks more like a modified current generation WRX but upon closer inspection, there are many unique styling cues that...

2017 Tokyo Motor Show: Mazda Kai Concept

Mazda Kai concept
No need to think too hard; this is in fact the next generation Mazda3 Sport, aka the hatchback. Perhaps this information was not meant to be revealed any time soon but anyone with an ounce of car sense had already figured it out. The Kai...

2017 Tokyo Motor Show: Mitsubishi: A New Hope

Mitsubishi E-Evolution concept
So very much is riding on the shoulders of Mitsubishi’s new Eclipse Cross CUV. With a lineup reduced to nothing more that crossovers, the need for them to be worthy competitors in their respective segments is an absolute must. The Eclipse Cross starts off well...

2017 Tokyo Motor Show: Toyota’s a busy-bee

Toyota Fine Comfort Ride concept
Toyota is one of the world’s largest automakers and if sales numbers are not enough to convince you of the fact, the 10 unveilings that took place at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show might do the trick. Actually, the extreme reached by these products are...

Mazda: The pursuit of unique elegance

Mazda Vision Coupe concept
2017 Tokyo Motor Show If you’ve ever been to Tokyo, Japan, and spent any amount of time in a truly traditional setting, you’ll have undoubtedly noticed how this culture prefers simplicity over complexity. For example, a minimal amount of distractions and an unobstructed visual environment...

Toyota unveils unusual luxury concept ahead of Tokyo Motor Show

By unusual we mean that it doesn’t quite look like what we consider today to be a luxury vehicle. Scanning the Fine-Comfort Ride concept picture gallery reveals what could be best described as a minivan, or Swagger Wagon as Toyota once called their Sienna,...

Lexus to exhibit new LS and unveil new concept car at Tokyo Auto Show 2017

2018 Lexus LS
With the 2017 Tokyo Auto Show starting to take shape, manufacturers have began to give us a glimpse as to what will be on display in the coming weeks. Press Release Lexus plans to exhibit its all-new LS flagship sedan among 11 production models at the...

Mitsubishi at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show

We are quite literally counting down the days before we head to the land of the rising sun for the big car show. This time, we want to talk about Mitsubishi, the sometime struggling midsized Japanese automaker that has found a friend in the...

A futuristic and electric Suzuki Samurai

suzuki samurai e-survivor
Its performance was far from extraordinary, but the Suzuki Samurai remains an almost mythical vehicle, especially for off-road enthusiasts. The Samurai was indestructible despite appearances, and now it has been reborn in some way. It is now called the e-Survivor, and in all honesty its...