Saturday, September 18, 2021
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Hot Toyota GR Corolla Hatchback On The Way To Take On the Volkswagen GTI

It will be powered by a turbocharged 257-horsepower 3-cylinder engine. Unlike the GR Yaris, the Corolla will more than likely be FWD only. The GR Corolla won’t land before 2022. Yes, these are the same people responsible for the GR Supra, the GR Yaris...

A Toyota GR Corolla Hatchback Will Be Built.

Like the Toyota GR Yaris, North America probably isn’t cool enough for it. It will use the same turbocharged 3-cylinder with about 250-horsepower as the Yaris. It won’t be a balls-out performance car, it will be tuned for the day-to-day. There are, once more,...