Saturday, May 28, 2022
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It will Cost up to $199 per Month to Lease a Battery from VinFast in Canada

VinFast will launch two electric SUVs in Canada this Fall The company is leasing the batteries used in its vehicles A fixed plan and a flexible plan will be available and the prices will vary depending on the model VinFast will be the first...

A Vietnamese Automaker in Canada this Fall: Say Welcome to the VinFast VF8

Hanoi, Vietnam. There will be a new player in the automotive world this fall. Its name is Vinfast and we will have two SUVs. The first one is called the VF8. It is a 2 row model with a format that is between the...

VinFast Canada Posts VF 8 and VF 9 Pricing

VinFast VF8 | Photo: VinFast
The VF 8 starts at $51,250. The larger VF 9 is priced from $69,750. Pricing does not include battery subscription fees. VinFast is another EV start-up company that will be fascinating to watch. In little time, they went from completely unknown in North America...