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Volkswagen Unveils New R Logo for its Performance Vehicles

Volkswagen Golf R new logo
Volkswagen is playing with its image and the R logo used on its sportier models has just been unveiled.  After unveiling its brand-new logo at the Frankfurt Motor Show in early September, Volkswagen is now turning to the R brand with a new, more fluid...

Should You Buy a 2019 Volkswagen Golf R?

I settled this debate a short while ago: The Volkswagen Golf R is the final answer. If you need more convincing, read the following. Let’s begin by establishing the top would-be competitors to the 2019 Volkswagen Golf R. In no particular order other than the...

Volkswagen Canada Cuts The Spektrum Colour Program From The Golf R And Tells No One.

Volkswagen Spektrum Program for the 2019 Golf R
Less than two months ago, we drove a Ginster Yellow, from the spektrum colour program,  2019 Volkswagen Golf R. If you want to order one now, too bad. So, here I was writing up a story about cars, something we’re trying out at Motor Illustrated,...

Could an AWD Hyundai i30 N And Eventual Golf R Rival Be in The Works?

Hyundai i30 N All-wheel drive
Hyundai is apparently working an on a more powerful Hyundai i30 N with all-wheel drive. We're not too familiar with the Hyundai i30 here in North America. We know it at as the Hyundai Elantra GT and overall we're quite fond of it. A recent...

400-horsepower Volkswagen Golf R Plus Is In The Works

2019 Volkswagen Golf R and Golf R Variant
As an on-again, off-again project, a 400-horsepower Volkswagen Golf R Plus now seems more plausible than ever thanks to the arrival competitors. We’ve reported on the possible coming of a high-powered 8th generation Volkswagen Golf R before but for this round, there seems to be...

2020 Mercedes-AMG A 35 vs 2019 Volkswagen Golf R Spec Comparison

2020 Mercedes-AMG A 35 vs Volkswagen Golf R
The new A Class is an excellent product. The Mercedes-AMG A 35 is the pumped version, much like the Volkswagen Golf R to the Golf. Let’s compare specs to see which is more exciting on paper. This comparison is only step next in what will...