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NewsTesla Added a Self-Diagnosis Function to its App

Tesla Added a Self-Diagnosis Function to its App

Tesla vehicles are now able to diagnose issues and alert drivers to them via the Tesla app.

  • The app will now tell owners what needs to be fixed when they book a service appointment

  • The feature can detect issues with many systems of the car

  • Elon Musk also promises pit crew style service for Tesla owners in the future

Tesla vehicles are now able to run diagnostics tests that can detect problems with a number of systems and alert the driver.

This function has been added to the automaker’s phone app and it is activated when booking a service appointment online with a service center.

While scheduling the appointment, the vehicle will run a self-check to determine if there are problems that need to be addressed during the visit.

The kinds of issues that can be detected are varied and in recent tests, the self-diagnosis feature pointed out problems with a window regulator and a component of the Bluetooth system.

In addition, the app can show items to be checked as part of service bulletins or “silent” recalls, which happen when the manufacturer finds a problem that doesn’t warrant a recall but still needs to be dealt with.

This is not the first time a similar system has been put in place since Porsche developed a self-diagnosis system for the Taycan, its first electric car and a competitor to the Tesla Model S.

On a related note, Elon Musk recently said he wants to bring pit crew style service to the Tesla service centers in order to have customers be in and out of the shop in under an hour.

This was already promised seven years ago and nothing came of it, so it might not happen this time around either.

If the company goes ahead with this idea, it is feared that the quality of the repairs and services provided could be affected, which is not a desirable outcome considering Tesla is still lacking in terms of customer satisfaction when it comes to after-sales service.


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