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NewsTesla adds Track package option for Model S Plaid

Tesla adds Track package option for Model S Plaid

  • The package is already available online.

  • The package is in the Accessories section.

  • Will it be enough to keep its rival in the dust?


Tesla is preparing for the arrival of much sportier versions of its legacy rivals. Indeed, prototypes of a Porsche Taycan Turbo S – it could potentially be called GT if rumors are true – have already been spotted this year. And it’s clear that others will try to outdo the Model S Plaid in the months and years to come.

Tesla Track Package for Model S Plaid | Photo: Tesla.

And to do that, this new track package could cause a surprise and give the decade-old sedan the edge over its closest pursuers. At this time, the package located in the accessories section on the company’s website is already available for order with the first deliveries scheduled for June.

In Canada, the price of the kit ranges from $20,550 to $27,395 depending on the options selected for the kit. In the US, the kit is available between $15,000 and $20,000.

The fans of the brand will have already noticed the new 20-inch Zero G wheels, as well as those Goodyear Supercar 3R tires designed for more intensive use on closed courses. Also note the carbon-ceramic braking system, a very important detail for a car capable of hitting 60 mph (or 96 km/h) in less than three seconds. The front brakes are equipped with six-piston calipers, while the rear brakes have four pistons. The brake pads are also designed for this kind of abuse.

Tesla Track Package for Model S Plaid | Photo: Tesla.

The brake fluid was also designed to withstand more dynamic driving. It’s important to note that the package is only available for Model S Plaid models of 2021 and later. Oh yeah, interesting fact: the Track Package also unlocks the speed limit, with the sedan now able to travel at speeds in excess of 200 mph (or over 321 km/h).

It will be interesting to see if Model 3 Performance sedan owners will clamor for such a package from the American automaker. The Model 3 Performance is not as fast as the Model S Plaid, but if Tesla wants to entice and convince owners of the cars’ potential, this track package must become an option on the second most likely car to be used on a closed course.


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