Friday, September 30, 2022
News Tesla Could Stop Taking Orders for Certain Models Due to Long Waiting...

Tesla Could Stop Taking Orders for Certain Models Due to Long Waiting Times

Tesla could stop taking new orders for some time in order to clear its backlog.

  • Some models require buyers to wait until 2023 before taking delivery

  • The Model 3 is currently the most accessible, with the latest deliveries in November

  • Tesla could temporarily stop taking orders in order to clear its backlog

In a recent interview, Elon Musk said that Tesla will probably stop taking orders for a while on models that have very long waiting times.

Tesla is the most popular brand of electric vehicles around the world and despite opening multiple new factories in the last few months, it is still struggling to meet the demand for its products.

Even before the pandemic and its effects on the automotive industry begun, Tesla was delivering cars a few months after having taken the order, but now, those times have been getting longer and longer.

According to the CEO, the component shortages that are slowing down production for every automaker are also affecting Tesla, even if the company is doing better than most of its competitors on that front.

Currently, everyone ordering a new Tesla vehicle has to wait at least one month before taking delivery of their vehicle and some could only take delivery in April of 2023.

The Model with the longest waiting time is the Long Range version of the Model X, which requires buyers to wait until January to April 2023. Then comes the Model Y Long Range since buyers should only expect their vehicle between November of this year and February 2023.

The Model S does a little better, but those who choose the Long Range version of the performance sedan will still have to wait until October to January before driving away in their new car.

The Tesla model that is currently the easiest to get is the Model 3 Performance, since new orders only take between 1 and 2 months to be fulfilled. The Long Range takes a little longer, with deliveries expected between July and October and the entry-level RWD model takes the longest, with buyers receiving their car only between August and November.

To reduce these waiting times, Musk said that order books could soon be closed for certain models until the backlog is cleared. This should not affect buyers because even if they rush to get their names on the list before orders stop being received, they will not be able to drive away in a new Tesla anytime soon.

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