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NewsTesla Finalizes Acquisition of Leading Wireless Charging Company, Wiferion

Tesla Finalizes Acquisition of Leading Wireless Charging Company, Wiferion

Tesla’s official acquisition of Wiferion, a German firm specializing in inductive charging for EVs and industrial robots, may accelerate Tesla’s wireless charging platform development.


  • Tesla acquires Wiferion, a German wireless charging firm with inductive charging expertise.

  • Transaction costs are estimated at $50-100 million.

  • Move aligns with Tesla’s automation vision and aims for innovative charging solutions.


Tesla has completed the acquisition of Wiferion, a renowned Germany-based wireless charging startup with expertise in inductive charging solutions for electric vehicles and industrial robots. While the financial terms of the transaction remain undisclosed, several German publications have confirmed the successful acquisition and its 50–100-million-dollar price tag, marking a significant step for Tesla in advancing its wireless charging technology.

Tesla V3 Supercharging
Tesla V3 Supercharging

Wiferion, founded in 2016, has already achieved notable progress in developing and deploying over 8,000 chargers, primarily catering to industrial robots. Tesla’s strategic interest in acquiring the firm is an indication of its ambition to further explore wireless charging technology and its potential benefits for EVs.

Tesla Supercharger | Photo: Tesla

Traditional plug-in charging has been a reliable method for EV owners, but Tesla’s interest in wireless charging indicates a vision for future vehicle automation. By envisioning a future where self-driving technology becomes mainstream, Tesla is exploring options to automate the charging process, allowing EVs to charge themselves without human intervention.

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Tesla’s pursuit of a wireless charging solution is evident from earlier announcements, where they teased a new wireless home charging station. The acquisition of Wiferion could potentially expedite Tesla’s wireless charging platform development, leading to innovative solutions for its EV customers.

Tesla Supercharger | Photo: Tesla

As Tesla continues to invest in cutting-edge technology, Wiferion’s expertise in wireless charging can bolster the company’s charging infrastructure, offering enhanced experiences to Tesla’s rapidly growing customer base. The acquisition aligns with Tesla’s commitment to stay at the forefront of the EV market and address potential challenges while driving the green mobility revolution forward.


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