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NewsTesla Finally Unveils the New Model 3 Performance and it’s Freakin’ Fast

Tesla Finally Unveils the New Model 3 Performance and it’s Freakin’ Fast

The new Tesla Model 3 Performance is About Speed, and Sustainability We Think

Tesla has recently updated its Model 3 lineup. After roughly six model years with very few visual updates, the Model 3 got the old facelift and some much needed updates especially indoors. Now, with the introduction of the Model 3 Performance, we’re talking about significant enhancements in speed, technology, and speed. Also, speed ‘cause it’s really fast.

2024 Tesla Model 3 Performance | Photo: Tesla

The new Tesla Model 3 Performance is designed to shred with its ability to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.1 seconds (2.9 seconds 0-60 mph). This mind-bending figure is a product of its dual motor all-wheel drive layout, which provides exceptional power to the tune of 510 horsepower. The car features a top speed of 262 km/h (163 mph), making it one of the top high-performance electric sedans in the world.

Efficiency is key in electric vehicles, and the Model 3 Performance excels.  with an estimated range of 476 km (315 miles) on a single charge. In contrast, the dual-motor Long Range variant offers an estimated 548 km (341 miles) of range. This range is supported by Tesla’s widespread Supercharger network, which facilitates fast charging and extended driving capability.

2024 Tesla Model 3 Performance | Photo: Tesla

The Model 3 Performance’s exterior is sleeker than ever and aerodynamic, contributing to its efficiency and speed, lots of speed. It includes 20-inch Überturbine Wheels and Performance Brakes, because it goes fast.

The interior is equally impressive, featuring a minimalist design that looks far more upscle than previous dominated by a 15.4-inch touchscreen that controls most of the car’s functions. The all-black and white interiors are optional.

2024 Tesla Model 3 Performance | Photo: Tesla

The Model 3 Performance is equipped with Tesla’s latest Autopilot features, which provide advanced driver-assistance capabilities including lane keeping and traffic-aware cruise control. Additionally, the car includes the option for full self-driving capabilities in the future.

The Tesla Model 3 Performance is competitively priced, true story. Starting at $69,990 in Canada ($52,990 in the US), it is by far the least expensive super-car killer in the land. According to the Canadian Tesla website, if you order today, delivery can be expected in July.


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