Saturday, October 16, 2021
News Tesla Gets into Beermaking with Teslabier

Tesla Gets into Beermaking with Teslabier

Tesla will sell a beer shortly

  • Tesla will produce a beer at its German factory in Berlin

  • This announcement came from Elon Musk in a speech given over the weekend

  • It is not the first time the automaker produced alcohol.

Tesla and its CEO, Elon Musk, are known to produce wacky ideas, often not related to cars at all.

In a speech given during the Tesla Gigafactory Berlin County fair over the weekend, the CEO announced the Teslabier, a beer that will be produced in the automaker’s new german factory, in Berlin.

The bottle which will contain the drink is inspired by the Cybertruck, so it features multiple sharp angles.

It isn’t clear yet if this beverage will be available outside of the factory, but it isn’t the first-time alcohol was on the company’s product list.

In November of 2020, Tesla produced the Teslaquila, a tequila that was also bottled in a strange recipient, shaped like a lightning bolt this time, and despite its $250 USD price tag, it sold out in only a couple of days.

Other interesting announcements made at the same time are the creation of a train station on the grounds of the factory and graffiti murals surrounding the building.

On another note, a factory tour revealed what seems to be Model Y prototypes that use a battery pack composed of 4680 lithium-ion cells that seems to be a structural part of the chassis of the vehicle.

Such a configuration could reduce weight and improve the structural rigidity, both of which would lead to better handling and driving characteristics.

Source: the_wolfpack_Berlin ( via Autoblog

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