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News Tesla Granted Approval for Unique Supercharger Station Featuring Diner and Drive-In Theater

Tesla Granted Approval for Unique Supercharger Station Featuring Diner and Drive-In Theater

Tesla’s plans for an unconventional Supercharger station with a diner and drive-in theater gain approval in West Hollywood.


  • Tesla secures approval for a unique Supercharger station with a diner and drive-in theater in West Hollywood.

  • The facility will feature 32 Supercharger stalls, a restaurant, rooftop seating, and movie theater screens.

  • Despite Elon Musk’s initial 2021 announcement, the project has now gained traction and official clearance.


Tesla, under the leadership of Elon Musk, had unveiled plans in 2021 to create an innovative Supercharger location in Santa Monica, incorporating a diner with a 1950s flair and a drive-in theater for showcasing movie clips. Despite a lack of visible progress over the past two years, recent developments suggest a change in this trajectory.

Tesla Supercharger | Photo: Tesla

Recent reports from Teslarati suggest that Tesla has received official clearance from the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety to proceed with the construction of a novel Diner and Drive-In Movie Supercharger station in West Hollywood. Positioned at 7001 W. Santa Monica Boulevard, the facility is envisioned to encompass 32 Supercharger stalls, a diverse food service area, rooftop seating, and two generously sized movie screens for displaying snippets from iconic films.

Unlike traditional cinemas, these short clips will complement Tesla’s swift Supercharging technology, allowing vehicles to gain around 200 miles of range in a mere 15 minutes. This efficiency ensures a quick turnover of charging stations for other electric vehicles requiring recharging.

Tesla Supercharger | Photo: Tesla

The project’s application process commenced in November 2022, with architectural firm Stantec Architecture from Chandler, Arizona, and contractor PCL Construction Services from Glendale, California, leading the project. Following the necessary evaluations, the City of Los Angeles granted its formal consent, culminating in the issuance of a permit on July 18. Subsequently, the initial grading inspection was successfully concluded by August 9.

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Tesla enthusiasts were afforded a glimpse of the Tesla Diner design during the company’s Investor Day event in March. This sneak peek also hinted at the prospect of a wireless vehicle charging pad designed for home use. The design highlights one screen oriented toward the parking area housing the chargers, while the building itself features a distinctive white and red color palette. The structure boasts a dual-level layout, with an upper-floor terrace enhancing its visual appeal.

Tesla Supercharger | Photo: Tesla

The emergence of unconventional amenities at charging stations, such as diners and convenience stores, is poised to become as mainstream in the electric vehicle landscape as it is within the realm of conventional petrol stations. This transition reflects a growing emphasis on enhancing the convenience and attractiveness of electric vehicles for a broader consumer base, as the EV infrastructure evolves to mirror the convenience and familiarity of traditional refueling stations.

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