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News Tesla in early discussion with OEMs to license Full Self Driving technology

Tesla in early discussion with OEMs to license Full Self Driving technology

Tesla’s potential FSD tech licensing could reshape the auto industry, balancing innovation, safety, and competition.


  • Increased prevalence of autonomous technology could improve traffic efficiency and safety.

  • The deal may escalate competition, potentially driving accelerated advancements across the auto industry.

  • Tesla faces a balance between a new revenue stream and potential loss of product differentiation.


On an earnings call regarding his company’s financial performance, Elon Musk briefly mentioned that Tesla is considering licensing its Full Self-Driving (FSD) technology to other automakers, marking a significant development in the automotive industry.

Tesla Supercharger | Photo: Tesla

The crux of this potential deal is the distribution of Tesla’s pioneering FSD technology. With Tesla’s FSD, vehicles can self-navigate, change lanes, park, and even respond to traffic signals. Sharing this technology with other manufacturers could increase the presence of autonomous technology on our roads, potentially leading to greater traffic efficiency and enhanced safety.

2019 Tesla Model 3 Interior
2019 Tesla Model 3 Interior | Photo: Tesla

However, a broad implementation of this technology also invites a range of challenges. Full self-driving technology, while advanced, is not flawless. There are considerable hurdles to overcome in terms of public acceptance, regulatory approval, and the ongoing task of refining AI to make accurate real-time decisions on the road.

Tesla Model 3
2019 Tesla Model 3 Performance | Photo: Tesla

From an industry perspective, this move could reshape competitive dynamics. Licensing FSD tech could provide traditional automakers with a shortcut to boosting their autonomous vehicle capabilities, potentially escalating competition in the sector. The democratization of such technology could result in accelerated advancements across the industry.

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For Tesla, this move could offer both benefits and drawbacks. On one hand, licensing its FSD technology could provide a new, substantial source of revenue and further solidify its status as a leading innovator in autonomous driving technology. On the other hand, by licensing its technology, Tesla might lose a distinctive edge in product differentiation, as more vehicles on the road begin to offer similar autonomous capabilities.

2019 Tesla Model 3 Interior | Photo: Tesla

In conclusion, Tesla’s potential decision to license its FSD technology could significantly impact the automotive industry, accelerating the adoption of autonomous driving while bringing a set of challenges and opportunities. As these developments unfold, the key to navigating this terrain will lie in balancing technological advancement with regulatory considerations, public safety, and competitive dynamics.

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