Thursday, June 20, 2024
NewsTesla increases its FSD beta rollout tonight

Tesla increases its FSD beta rollout tonight

Tesla will increase its number of FSD testers by half tonight

  • Around 1000 Tesla owners around the US will have access to the beta after an update tonight

  • A safety scoring system will determine the owners who will be selected

  • Currently about 2,000 drivers are testing the system

Tesla owners across the United States who have selected the option to have Full Self-Driving (FSD) when they bought their cars are now waiting to see if they have been chosen to test this feature in beta form.

In an update that will reach cars in the US tonight and Saturday in the early hours is going to add an additional 1,000 testers, or thereabouts, to the 2,000 that currently have access to it.

In order to decide which owners will get to receive the feature in this update, Tesla has set up a safety score program that ranks each driver’s safety by giving them a score out of 100.

Only the drivers that have a perfect score will be offered the possibility to become a tester tonight, which means about 1,000 to 1,200 people around the United States.

Depending on the results obtained by this rollout, the beta could be opened to people with lower and lower scores over time.

Out of the 2,000 cars that have been driving around with FSD engaged, some of them for almost a year now, none of them have been involved in an accident, but the ever-increasing number of them on the roads mean an incident has more and more opportunity to occur.

This is especially true in parts of the country where Tesla vehicles are less popular because the cars collect data about the roads and the reactions of their drivers when they drive around and they send this information into what Tesla calls its neural network, which is basically a bank of information that helps the cars improve their self-driving features.

Already, a trend can be observed where testers that live in areas where there are many Teslas on the road report being impressed by the system, while other that live in more remote area think there is still some work to be done.



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