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NewsTesla is Already Looking at Expanding Giga Berlin

Tesla is Already Looking at Expanding Giga Berlin

Tesla is in the process of buying a pice of land adjacent to its German factory.

  • The new factory opened only a little over two months ago

  • The company filed an application to purchase a piece of land next to the plant

  • The current production goal for Giga Berlin is 500,000 units per year but this could increase

Tesla is apparently already considering an expansion of its German factory, only two months after is began producing the Model Y.

The automaker reportedly filed an application to purchase a 100-hectare piece of land that is adjacent to the facility, which sits on a 300-hectare plot.

This means that the expansion could be quite significant, adding up to a third more building space.

This might not mean that Tesla wants to immediately build an addition to the factory however, since it could only be a way to future proof the factory by making sure no other building gets constructed next to the plant.

This means that once the production capacity, currently planned at 500,000 units per year is reached, Tesla is certain to have the possibility of expanding its current building instead of having to create a new factory elsewhere, which is more expensive.

As of now, Giga Berlin is making only the Model Y at a rate that is expected to approach 150,000 units in its first year. This could be achievable since Tesla added a second shift this week in order to almost double its output.

The German factory is not only working on increasing the production rate of the Model Y since it is also the facility chosen to use the first 4680 battery cells developed by Tesla. Other innovations in the manufacturing process that are expected to be implemented there are the mega castings and a new painting process.

The plant will also add the Model 3 to its products in the coming months, which might be why an expansion could be necessary sooner rather than later.


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