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NewsTesla is Preparing a Facelift for the 2024 Model 3

Tesla is Preparing a Facelift for the 2024 Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 will be updated with a simplified interior and a modified center screen.

  • This update will be similar to the one made to the Model X and the Model S in 2021.

  • The interior is expected to be simplified even further to reduce production costs.

  • This move might have been prompted by the arrival of many cheaper rivals.

The Tesla Model 3 is reportedly about to receive a refresh for the 2024 model year, similar to the one made to the Model S and Model X in 2021.

Currently code-named “Highland”, this mid-cycle refresh is likely to be quite minor, consisting mostly of changes to the exterior lamps and some modifications to the interior.

The external changes will probably be aimed at making production with Tesla’s new Giga presses easier and less expensive than before, in order to potentially lower the cost of the automaker’s entry-level model.

Inside, reports show that the already very simple interior of the Model 3 will be made even more minimalistic, probably by moving, even more controls to the single touchscreen.

Speaking of which, this screen is expected to receive a makeover that should make it more capable and easier to use than before.

Combined with the exterior modifications, this refresh will allow Tesla to lower the cost of Model 3 production, which could be necessary for it to remain competitive, especially in China.

Indeed, the electric sedan saw its Chinese sales drop by 9% in the first 10 months of the year when compared to the same period in 2021. In addition, the Model 3 was outsold by the BYD Qin and the BYD Han, two Chinese electric sedans that compete in the same category.

This pushed Tesla to reduce the price of the Model 3 in China by 9% recently in order to stay competitive with newer offerings in the market.

In response to this slowdown in sales, the first units of the updated Model 3 will roll off the Shanghai assembly line towards the end of 2023, with American production in California expected to follow at a later date.

Source: Reuters


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