Monday, June 27, 2022
News Tesla Model S Plaid Hits 8-Second Quarter Mile

Tesla Model S Plaid Hits 8-Second Quarter Mile

8-second cars don’t usually look like the family sedan that is the Tesla Model S

  • The official time was of 8.994 seconds.

  • That’s fast.

  • The Model S Plaid is the fastest production sedan in the world.

It was only a matter of time before the radically fast Tesla Model S Plaid hits the quarter-mile run in 8 seconds. Out of the box, the Plaid is capable of consuming 1,320 feet or 400 meters in just over 9 seconds. This made it the fastest production car in the world.

Tesla Model S Plaid 8-Second Quarter Mile | Photo: lasergeorge via Instagram

This title is currently being debated as the Rimac Nevera was reported as being faster but the fact of the matter is that the $130,000 Model S Plaid is insanely fast.

The car that broke the 9-second barrier and dove into the 8s was unmodified save for a set of wheels and stickier tires. As well, according to Electrek, the passenger seat was removed to cut down on weight. These very minor changes were enough to drop the Plaid’s ¼ mile run time to 8.994 seconds along with a trap speed of 155.10 mph.

Tesla Model S : New Carbon-Ceramic Brakes Cost $25,400 in Canada

The Tesla Model S Plaid’s potential is enormous. We suspect it won’t be long before someone (if it’s not already been done) strips out the car’s entire interior for further weight saving. One has to believe that Tesla’s encouraging this behaviour as they’ve just introduced optional carbon-ceramic brakes for the car.

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