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Tesla Model X: The Most Driven Electric Vehicle, But Still Behind Gas-Powered Cars

The electric vehicle (EV) market has seen tremendous growth in recent years, with Tesla leading the charge. In fact, and understandably, the American electric automaker leads all other brands in sales but more than that, Tesla owners also tend to drive their EVs more than any other make or model on average.

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It was announced recently that globally, Tesla’s Model Y SUV was the best-selling vehicle overall for the first time ever. Based on this study conducted by iSeeCars, that analyzed over 860,000 cars from the 2020 model year, Tesla are bought and driven. It was discovered that the Tesla Model X is the most driven electric vehicle on the market. Interestingly, and despite this impressive feat, Teslas are still not driven as far as the average gas-powered vehicle.

On average, it was found that EVs cover 9,059 miles (14,585 km) every year. Only Tesla vehicles beat this average, giving you an idea, how many are on the road. The EV that closest to a Tesla is the popular Hyundai Kona electric however it cover more than a 1,000 fewer miles (1,600 km) every year.

In the study, twelve electric vehicles from the 2020 model year were ranked from most to least driven:

The Most Driven 3-Year-Old Electric Vehicles – Study
RankModelAvg. Miles Driven Per YearAvg. EPA Battery Range (miles)Avg. Price
1Tesla Model X10,378341$76,193
2Tesla Model Y10,199316$49,406
3Tesla Model 39,960279$37,909
4Tesla Model S9,340378$66,105
3-year-old EV average9,059279$45,147
5Hyundai Kona Electric8,260258$29,961
6Chevrolet Bolt EV7,753259$25,928
7Audi e-tron Sportback7,210218$53,602
8Jaguar I-PACE6,910240$51,090
9Hyundai Ioniq Electric6,803170$24,748
10Kia Niro EV6,630239$32,301
11Nissan LEAF6,395190$25,917
12Porsche Taycan4,846226$117,4

The study confirms a direct correlation between an electric vehicle’s range and how far it is driven. For every additional mile of range an EV provides, an owner will drive an additional 23 miles (37 km) a year. This suggests that electric vehicles need an additional 161 miles (259 km) of range, or an average range of 440 miles (708 km), to reach the same usage level as gas-powered vehicles.

Despite Tesla’s dominance in the EV market, there is still room for improvement when it comes to range and driving habits. As battery technology continues to advance, we can expect to see electric vehicles closing the gap with their gas-powered counterparts.

This study highlights the importance of not only investing in electric vehicle technology but also in improving their range to make them more competitive with traditional cars. It’s clear that Tesla is leading the pack, but there’s still work to be done to ensure that electric vehicles become the primary choice for drivers worldwide.

As electric vehicles continue to gain popularity and their ranges improve, it’s likely that we’ll see a shift in driving habits as well. With more people choosing electric cars for their daily commutes and long-distance trips, the gap between EVs and gas-powered vehicles will continue to shrink.

In conclusion, while the Tesla Model X may currently be the most driven electric vehicle, there is still progress to be made in terms of range and overall usage compared to gas-powered cars. The future is bright for electric vehicles, and as technology advances, we can expect to see even more impressive milestones achieved by Tesla and other EV manufacturers.


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