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NewsTesla Model Y Long Range RWD model has locked range; OTA coming

Tesla Model Y Long Range RWD model has locked range; OTA coming

  • Being able to add between 40 and 60 miles of range could prove interesting for Model Y owners of the base trim.

  • The OTA should be available shortly.


Tesla’s co-founder Elon Musk has confirmed that it is possible to squeeze a little extra range out of the most affordable Model Y, the one also known as “Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive”. Indeed, the CEO has indicated that he intends to offer a OTA that could unlock between 40 and 60 miles of extra range from this two-wheel drive Model Y. The catch is that this kit isn’t cheap, as Elon Musk added that such an option would cost between 1,500 and 2,000 US dollars.

You see, the American automaker’s strategy differs from that of its competitors, who very often opt for a smaller battery pack to save on weight, but also to offer a less expensive vehicle. Tesla prefers to keep a larger battery on board, and to lock up part of it.

At the time of writing, Tesla is working to obtain the regulatory approvals needed to add this over-the-air update – which unlocks additional miles of range – to the capabilities of the brand’s best-selling vehicle.

Still, it’s special to see this controversial strategy, forcing owners of this rear-wheel drive variant to carry extra weight (between 12 and 18 kWh unused capacity) without being able to take advantage of it.

The question now is how the brand’s faithful will react. Could some of them be tempted to pack their bags for another electric model? It’s possible, but as Tesla has been demonstrating for over ten years, mid-course changes are commonplace at the electric car giant.

And if the estimated 1,500 – 2,000 U.S. dollars is maintained, what does that mean for Canadian consumers? It will certainly be higher north of the 49th parallel. We’ll see in a few days or weeks.


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