Monday, June 21, 2021
News Tesla Model Y RWD Deliveries To Begin As Early As January

Tesla Model Y RWD Deliveries To Begin As Early As January

A RWD Tesla Model Y will be the ideal electric SUV for many southern markets.

  • Single-motor configuration will make it more affordable.

  • A Long Range’s range should increase as the Model Y will be lighter.

If you pay attention to these things, you’ll have likely noticed that there are loads of new Tesla Model Y SUVs on the road. With production in full swing, deliveries are happening fast. While we northerners will always opt for a dual-motor setup, there are many markets that find that a single-motor configuration is more than enough traction. Their wish is about to come true.

The list of advantages to a single-motor Tesla Model Y range from range to pricing. On the latter point, although actual numbers are not yet known, the gap in pricing between the Model 3 and Model Y, for similar trims, is about $3,000. Considering that the RWD Model 3 Standard Range Plus is priced from $37,990, we can assume a near $41,000 price tag for the Model Y Standard Range Plus.

2020 Tesla Model Y | Photo: Tesla

The thing is though that this “math” can’t really be applied here. CleanTechnica reminds us that Musk has said that a sub-250-mile range would be unacceptable. This would be the case with a RWD Standard Range Plus Model Y when compared to the RWD Standard Range Plus Model 3 which delivers 263 miles of range.

We can assume then that the RWD Model Y will be offered with a Long Range battery only which could deliver up to 340 miles of range, compared the AWD version’s 326 miles. As for pricing, it’s difficult to pinpoint the cost of one electric motor but we think that a $3,000 price drop sounds about right.

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