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NewsTesla Opens Up Some Superchargers to Other EVs in Canada

Tesla Opens Up Some Superchargers to Other EVs in Canada

The first Magic Docks have been installed in Canada, at the Deep River Station in Ontario.

  • The first “Magic Docks” have now been installed at the Deep River station in Ontario.

  • The government says 750 Superchargers across the country will be CCS-compatible by 2025.

  • Combined with most automakers shifting to the NACS connector, this will streamline public charging in Canada.

Tesla has now installed its first Magic Dock connector in Canada, making it possible to charge a non-Tesla EV at one of the brand’s Superchargers.

This decision had been announced a while ago, but the first CCS-compatible Superchargers were only been spotted earlier this week in Ontario.

The Canadian government said in its announcement that the first locations to be opened to non-tesla vehicles would be located along the Trans-Canada highway between Ottawa and Sudbury, which is exactly what happened.

Indeed, the first Magic Docks have been found at the Deep River charging station, which is located almost exactly in the middle of the two targeted cities.

The next charging station that is expected to receive Magic Docks is the one located in North Bay, about 170 kilometres to the West of Deep River.

This could happen quite soon since retrofitting existing Superchargers in the United States has proved to be quite time-efficient, with entire stations receiving Magic Docks in a few hours.

Tesla Supercharger with Magic Dock | Photo: Pierre Roberge,

Both the Deep River and North Bay Supercharging stations will serve as pilot locations for CCS-compatible charging in Canada and further stations will be converted in order to reach a target of 750 CCS Superchargers across the country in 2025.

At the moment, only the 8 Superchargers in Deep River can be used by non-Tesla Electric vehicles in Canada, but the situation is further along in the United States, where CCS-compatible Superchargers can be found in New York, California, and Texas.

Combined with the recent decision of most automakers to switch over to Tesla’s own NACS connector for their EVs starting in the middle of the decade, this will streamline public EV charging by allowing the drivers of any EV to use almost any charging station they find, no matter which charging port their vehicle uses.

Of course, drivers of non-Tesla EVs will have to pay a premium to use the company’s stations. At the moment, these users can choose to pay a higher per kilowatt rate or pay a monthly membership that will qualify them for lower rates that will still be higher than those charged to Tesla owners.

Tesla Supercharger with Magic Dock | Photo: Pierre Roberge,

Source: Drive Tesla Canada


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