Wednesday, October 4, 2023
News Tesla Ramps Up Investment in Giga Mexico with $15B Commitment

Tesla Ramps Up Investment in Giga Mexico with $15B Commitment

Tesla and its partners are set to invest $15 billion in the Giga Mexico facility, tripling the initial projection.


·      Tesla and suppliers to allocate $15 billion for Gigafactory Mexico, as stated by Nuevo Leon’s governor.

·      Initial plans for Tesla’s next-gen EV production shifted from Mexico to Austin, Texas.

·      Reluctance among Tesla’s top engineers to relocate to Mexico influenced the decision.


Samuel Garcia, the governor of Nuevo Leon, recently revealed that the electric car giant, Tesla, in collaboration with its suppliers, plans to invest a staggering $15 billion in the facility over the next two years. This updated figure stands in stark contrast to earlier announcements; in March, when Elon Musk first confirmed the establishment of a gigafactory in Nuevo Leon, the expected investment was pegged at $5 billion.

Gigafactory Berlin | Photo: Tesla

While the commencement date for the Gigafactory Mexico’s construction and its production schedule remain undisclosed, insider sources had hinted at a 2025 timeline for EV manufacturing commencement in Mexico. The facility holds significant strategic importance for Tesla, poised to manufacture its forthcoming vehicle generation.

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However, there’s been a strategic pivot concerning the debut location for Tesla’s next-gen vehicle production. Originally slated for Giga Mexico, the production’s inaugural launch has been relocated to Giga Texas in Austin. Walter Isaacson’s recent biography on Elon Musk sheds light on this decision, attributing it to the reluctance of Tesla’s key engineers to shift base to Mexico for the development of these manufacturing lines. As Isaacson highlighted, the success of Tesla’s advanced engineering requires the team’s presence on-site, making a full-scale relocation to Mexico implausible.

Tesla factory
Tesla Gigafactory, Nevada | Photo: Tesla

This shift implies that Giga Texas will spearhead the development and initial production, with subsequent scaling and replication planned for Giga Mexico and potentially other global locations.

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