Friday, May 27, 2022
News Tesla Recalls Over 817,000 Vehicles in the US due to a Bug...

Tesla Recalls Over 817,000 Vehicles in the US due to a Bug in the Seat Belt Chime

Tesla is recalling more than 817,000 vehicles in the US due to a silent seat belt chime

  • Every model is affected, but not all in the same model years

  • The seat belt chime may not sound upon start up if the driver is unbuckled

  • The fix will be made trough an over-the-air update in the next few weeks

Tesla is launching one of the largest recall campaigns of its history, with over 817,000 affected vehicles in the United States alone, in order to fix something that seem insignificant.

The object of this recall is a bug in the seat belt chime that could prevent it from sounding in certain circumstances.

The problem only occurs when the driver left the vehicle while the chime was sounding in the previous drive cycle.

Since it is a software problem, the fix will be rolled out in an over-the-air update in the next few weeks.

This recall is so large because every Tesla model is affected. The 2021 and 2022 model years of the Model S and X, the 2020 to 2022 Model Y and every Model 3 from the start of production back in 2017 up to 2022.

Tesla says it is not aware of any injures caused by a driver forgetting to wear the seat belt due to the absence of a chime.

In addition, the seat belt warning light is not affected by the problem and the chime still sounds if the vehicle is moving faster than 22 km/h while either of the front occupants are not wearing their seat belts, so it is unlikely a driver could have legitimately forgotten to buckle in due to this problem.

Nevertheless, the NHTSA requires a chime to sound when a vehicle is started and the driver is not wearing a seat belt, so this issue requires a recall.

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