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NewsTesla Reportedly has Enough Orders for the Cybertruck to Fill Three Years...

Tesla Reportedly has Enough Orders for the Cybertruck to Fill Three Years of Production

Tesla now says it has so many orders for the Cybertruck that it will take three years to fulfil them all at a normal production rate.

  • The demand for the upcoming electric pickup is still increasing

  • According to Elon Musk, the current orders would take there years to fill at a normal production rate

  • The Cybertruck is now planned to go into production next year, after several delays

Elon Musk recently said that Tesla now has enough orders for the Cybertruck to fill out three years of production.

This means that potential buyers who would be to add their name to the list today would have to wait for three years after the production started (which it hasn’t) before receiving their new EV.

Even in the current times, this is a very long wait to receive a new vehicle and it is made even worse since the company recently said that the production would not start before next year, thus pushing the end of the list closer to the four-year mark, at the best of times.

Indeed, this is assuming that production of the futuristic truck does start next year, which is far from guaranteed considering Tesla’s reputation for breaking its promises and the current upset in the automotive industry.

The automaker currently has three vehicles in the works that should have been on the road for a long time already according to the company’s first promises. Indeed, the Tesla Semi was promised for 2019 but it has yet to enter production and the Roadster should have been available five years ago and it is not ready to be sold yet. The Cybertruck is already late as well, the first units having been supposed to be delivered late last year.

There is nothing to say that the production of this truck will not be delayed further, but to be fair, a prototype made an appearance in California earlier this week and it now looks a lot more ready to be mass-produced than before.

This is not deterring buyers, however, since the demand apparently keeps growing and more people are putting down a deposit every day.

It will be interesting to see if the majority of new buyers will be patient enough to wait for over three years, especially since many other automakers will have introduced their own electric trucks by then.


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