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NewsTesla Research Partner Provides Evidence of a Possible 100-Year, 4-Million-Mile Battery

Tesla Research Partner Provides Evidence of a Possible 100-Year, 4-Million-Mile Battery

Capable of far more than 12,000 charge-discharge cycles like LFP batteries, they may end all anti-EV debates

  • The battery uses Lithium-Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt-Oxide (NMC) chemistry.

  • This technology will easily enable vehicle-to-grid, as in the vehicle will serve as energy storage for the house.

Research and development into battery technology have taken cells to the next level. Frankly, there is no need for a battery that can handle so many cycles and outlive most humans, but the fact is that this researcher’s NMC 532 chemistry could change many things about EVs.

Among the many misconceptions and fears surrounding EVs is battery longevity. Many believe that they will not last beyond a few years and once the warranty is up, will cost a fortune to replace. The latest battery tech developments have shown that some of them may outlast the car itself.

A professor at Dalhousie University and research partner with Tesla since 2016 has been developing and testing NMC 532 cells and has noted that their revised makeup (as detailed in Forbes’ story) has shown no capacity loss after 2,000 charge-discharge cycles. As well, through continuous cycles since October 2017, the battery has suffered only a 5% degradation. Both “results” point to the possibility of a battery that could last about 100 years and enable a vehicle to cover about 4 million miles.

The reality is that these batteries, thanks to their makeup, will help support the energy grid and serve as storage.


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Matt St-Pierre
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