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Tesla Says it will Open its Supercharger Network to Everyone in the US, in Exchange for Federal Help

Tesla could open its supercharger network in exchange for federal funding, but its doesn't agree with the conditions set by the bill

  • The Biden Administration will fund new CCS equipped charging stations

  • Tesla says it could open its network by adding CSS outlets with money from the government

  • The automaker also wants the government to fund their proprietary chargers and those already built

The United States’ government wants to add a large number of charging stations all around the country in the coming years in order to incentivise consumers to choose electric vehicles.

To do so, the Biden administration passed a bill that will offer federal funding to companies who install EV charging stations which are compatible with the CCS connector standard, the one used by every automaker except Tesla and the Nissan Leaf.

This is to ensure that the government’s money can profit to most EV drivers by making more of the common plug available at convenient locations in every state.

Tesla wants to get its hands on some of that money by installing CCS outlets at its current and future Superchargers, something it has been promising to do for a few years.

This would be instrumental in helping the government reach its environmental goals since the Tesla Supercharging network is the largest in the country and most stations are strategically located in places where the demand for electricity is high.

There is a catch however, since Tesla CEO Elon Musk wants the federal government to also subsidise its proprietary connectors, which only Tesla vehicles can use. This is contrary to the bill that states each incentivised station should be available for use by electric cars from any manufacturers.

Furthermore, the automaker wants to receive compensation for the 13,000 charging stalls it has built to date, which represents about 58% of the total electric vehicle chargers in the US.

This is very unlikely to be accepted by the government, so it would be surprising to see the Tesla Supercharger network be opened to other makes of vehicles in the US, despite having been made available to everyone by law in Norway earlier this year.

Tesla is reportedly in the process of determining if it would be more profitable to take the government’s offer and open its network or keep its stations proprietary to ensure its customers used to having the Superchargers all to themselves remain happy with the brand. The exclusive nature of the Supercharging network is a key Tesla selling point, after all.


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