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Tesla Says it will Open the US Supercharging Network to Other EV Drivers

Tesla could let other brands of EVs use its charging network in the United States.

  • Currently, only Tesla vehicles can use the brand’s superchargers

  • In Europe, the automaker has been forced to install chargers compatible with every other brands

  • This has been hinted at often, but now is the first time when it has been promised for the US

Elon Musk recently said that Tesla will open up its Supercharging network in the United States to the drivers of every other EVs.

For a few years, Tesla has been saying that its proprietary Supercharger network will be made available to every one driving an electric vehicle, but this is the first time the CEO explicitly targeted the US.

Tesla is the company with the most electric car fast charging stations in North America, far outnumbering any other supplier both in terms of stations and in terms of individual chargers. In addition, Tesla installations are often found in convenient locations that make it easy to stop for a while in the middle of a long trip.

The problem is that since Tesla uses a proprietary connector, no other brand of electric vehicles can use a Tesla station to charge. This was not much of a problem a few years ago, when few EVs other than Tesla vehicles were on the road, but now, almost every brand has an electric vehicle and they are rapidly gaining in popularity with buyers.

This means that they require a very large number of new stations and chargers to be built, often in places where there are already Tesla Superchargers.

In order to increase the number of charging points available for everyone quickly and at low costs, governments across the continent have been campaigning for Tesla to open its network.

This has already been done in certain European countries, where Tesla Superchargers are equipped with a CCS connector, the standard used by every manufacturer except for Tesla.

Elon Musk recently said that this will be done in the United States, but he didn’t say how. This could be done by retrofitting a CCS connector to existing chargers or it could be limited to only the new stations built after a certain date.

This is not done yet however, since Tesla often takes a while to fulfil its promises, so it might be a couple of years before everyone can pull up to a Tesla Supercharger to fill their battery.


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