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Tesla Set a New Delivery Record in the First Quarter of the Year

Tesla delivered more cars in the first quarter of this year than in any quarter before.

  • Tesla delivered 422,875 vehicles during the first three months of the year, beating its previous record.

  • That record had only been established in the previous quarter, with 405,000 units reaching buyers at the end of 2022.

  • This also beat analysts’ expectations of 420,000 deliveries in Q1 2023.

Tesla continues to be very popular around the world, as proved by its new record of deliveries per quarter, which was established over the first three months of the year.

Over that period, the automaker says it has produced 440,808 vehicles and 422,875 of those have reached their buyers.

This is significantly higher than the previous delivery record of 405,000 units that had just been established at the end of the last quarter of 2022.

As usual, the most popular Tesla vehicles by far are the Model 3 and Model Y which account for 421,371 of the units produced and 412,180 of those delivered around the world.

This leaves 19,437 vehicles produced and 10,695 deliveries to the Model S and Model X duo.

An increase in sales and deliveries for Tesla was predictable due to the significant price cuts the automaker made to its most popular models earlier this year and due to a ramp-up in production speed.

Nevertheless, the actual number of vehicles delivered has surpassed even what analysts expected, which was a target of 420,000 deliveries for the last three-month period.

To explain the fairly large difference between the number of vehicles produced and those sold, Tesla says many units that have left its factories are currently in transit and thus not delivered.

This could be true, especially for the Model X and Model S since they are only produced in California, meaning they have a long way to go before reaching Europe and other foreign markets.

However, the company added an incentive to the Model S and Model X just three days before the quarter ended in order to boost its numbers. This could suggest that these models are beginning to pile up in their inventory due to slower sales than expected.

Source: Electrek


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