Monday, October 2, 2023
News Tesla Set to Unveil Next-Generation Model 3

Tesla Set to Unveil Next-Generation Model 3

Tesla appears close to launching the next-gen Model 3, leading to delivery timeline changes for European customers, possibly due to production transitions.


  • Tesla’s “Highland” program indicates the upcoming release of the next-gen Model 3, with an anticipated launch imminent.

  • European customers face delivery timeline shifts, with new Model 3 orders scheduled after October, possibly due to production changes.

  • Speculations suggest Gigafactory Shanghai’s shift to the new Model 3 version, potentially causing delays in European deliveries.


Tesla is on the brink of introducing the latest version of its well-known Model 3, which first hit the market in 2017 as the company’s most affordable electric car. After a year of development under Tesla’s “Highland” program, dedicated to the next generation of the Model 3, indications point to an impending launch.

Tesla Model 3 Refresh | Photo : u/ffiarpg, Reddit

European customers have witnessed significant adjustments in their delivery timelines, with all new Model 3 orders now pushed to be fulfilled after October. This has led to expectations that customers might receive their vehicles sometime in Q4. Moreover, there are notable delays for the Model 3 Performance variant, with deliveries quoted as far out as January 2024. Such extended timelines represent an atypical occurrence for Tesla, particularly early in a quarter.

Model 3 Refresh
by u/ffiarpg in teslamotors

The delivery delays could potentially be related to Tesla’s transition to the next generation of the Model 3. In Europe, Tesla sells Model 3 vehicles produced at the Gigafactory Shanghai in China. Tesla had previously mentioned implementing “global factory upgrades” that would result in temporary production shutdowns. These upgrades are thought to be connected to the new Model 3. Speculations are circulating that production might soon switch to the updated version, which may explain the delays in European deliveries.

2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance First Review

For the North American market, Tesla manufactures the Model 3 at its Fremont factory in California. However, it seems that the company is not facing similar delivery delays in the United States, which may indicate that the production changeover is region-specific.

With the impending launch of the new Model 3, excitement is building among Tesla enthusiasts, who are eagerly awaiting information about the next-generation features and enhancements. The Model 3 has played a crucial role in Tesla’s success and its mission to accelerate the world’s shift towards sustainable energy.

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